Season 1 (1972 – 1973)

Ep. #Season #Episode TitleCodeAir Date
101×01PilotJ-301September 17, 1972
201×02To Market, to MarketJ-303September 24, 1972
301×03Requiem for a LightweightJ-308October 1, 1972
401×04Chief Surgeon Who?J-307October 8, 1972
501×05The MooseJ-305October 15, 1972
601×06Yankee Doodle DoctorJ-310October 22, 1972
701×07Bananas, Crackers and NutsJ-311November 5, 1972
801×08CowboyJ-309November 12, 1972
901×09Henry, Please Come HomeJ-302November 19, 1972
1001×10I Hate a MysteryJ-306November 26, 1972
1101×11Germ WarfareJ-304December 10, 1972
1201×12Dear DadJ-313December 17, 1972
1301×13EdwinaJ-312December 24, 1972
1401×14Love StoryJ-314January 7, 1973
1501×15TuttleJ-315January 14, 1973
1601×16The RingbangerJ-316January 21, 1973
1701×17Sometimes You Hear the BulletJ-318January 28, 1973
1801×18Dear Dad…AgainJ-317February 4, 1973
1901×19The Long-John FlapJ-319February 18, 1973
2001×20The Army-Navy GameJ-322February 25, 1973
2101×21Sticky WicketJ-321March 4, 1973
2201×22Major Fred C. DobbsJ-320March 11, 1973
2301×23CeasefireJ-323March 18, 1973
2401×24ShowtimeJ-324March 25, 1973

M*A*S*H — The Pilot Episode (J-301)
Episode 1 (01×01)
Aired September 17, 1972
Written by Larry Gelbart
Directed by Gene Reynolds
Guest Stars:  Karen Philipp, Patrick Adiarte, G. Wood, Timothy Brown, Linda Meiklejohn, Laura Miller, George Morgan

After twelve hours of surgery, Hawkeye and Trapper relax with martinis made with alcohol from a still operating quietly in their tent. Hawkeye has good news. Ho-Jon, the Korean houseboy he’s been trying to enter in his own alma mater for medical studies, has been accepted. Hawkeye’s next problem is how to raise the money for passage, clothes and tuition. He decides on a party with a raffle… the prize to be a weekend in Tokyo with one of the nurses. Hot Lips and Frank immediately take offense to this plan and demonstrate their anger by breaking Hawkeye’s still, creating a fight that finds Frank being assaulted by both Hawkeye and Trapper. Blake is forced to withdraw the passes and tells the pair to cancel the raffle. Finding out Blakes going to Seoul to visit the General, Hawkeye and Trapper proceed with plans for the party, using passes supplied by Radar. With Frank left in command, Hawkeye gives him a shot in the bottom as he bends over a patient. Then he and Trapper load him into a bed, cover his unconscious face with gauze, and order a sedative to be administered hourly. The party goes off without a hitch, earning all the money needed for Ho-Jon. But calamity comes when Hot Lips, suddenly recognizes Frank and gets him up to alert the Commander in Seoul. All would be over for Hawkeye and Trapper but for the arrival of helicopters with wounded. After the General sees the young pair perform in the operating room, he knows he cannot punish them and all ends well.

To Market, To Market (J-303)
Episode 2 (01×02)
Aired September 24, 1972
Written by Burt Styler
Directed by Michael O’Herlihy
Guest Stars: G. Wood, Robert Ito, Jack Soo, John C. Johnson

Hawkeye and Trapper discover that an important drug has been hijacked in Seoul by black marketers. Col. Henry Blake is too busy polishing his new antique desk to help them, so Hawkeye and Trapper slip into Seoul to meet with Charlie Lee, head of the black marketing ring. Lee wants $10,000 for the drug supply. They haven’t got the money, but will trade free hospitalization. Lee’s employees already have a hospitalization plan. Instead of giving up, Hawkeye convinces Lee that he needs a beautiful antique desk to enhance his image. Lee is mesmerized by the idea and visits the 4077 posing as a General to inspect the desk. Lee agrees to the deal. He’ll have a truck waiting at 0600 and if the desk isn’t in the truck five minutes later, the drugs go to another buyer. Despite the efforts of Frank Burns and Hot Lips to mess up their plans, Hawkeye and Trapper, airlift the desk by helicopter to Lee and get their drug supply.