About M*A*S*H

Why M*A*S*H?

M*A*S*H was produced by 20th Century-Fox Television and aired on CBS from September 1972 to February 1983. The series was adapted for television by Larry Gelbart and Gene Reynolds following the success of the Robert Altman film and the novel by Richard Hooker. While the series underwent changes over its eleven seasons (including cast changes, a push into more dramatic storylines, and strong character development), M*A*S*H remained popular during the majority of its run and went out with a series finale that still holds a place in the record books.

Nearly 50 years after the show debuted, M*A*S*H still runs in syndication on several television networks and streaming platforms. The staying power of the series continues to inspire fans, whether they are first generation fans or third generation.

I discovered M*A*S*H as a kid in the 1990s. My parents and grandparents both enjoyed the show, so it was often on in our house or when I visited my grandparents. When the show became a part of the FX lineup, I was hooked. My love for the series, its characters, and its connection to history have inspired this website and the collection I have proudly assembled.