The Collection


Scripts are at the center of the collection, and how the collection began. They offer the most insight into how each episode of the series was produced. No two scripts are alike, and they each have a fascinating story to tell.

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Press Material

M*A*S*H could not have been successful without a relationship with the press. Before the days of social media, local newspapers and tv guides were how viewers learned what the M*A*S*H crew were up to.

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M*A*S*H Library

There have been many books written about M*A*S*H since the 1970s. Whether the books are by members of the series cast and crew or the books are fan guides, all will be listed here to help you build your M*A*S*H library.

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A lot went into making M*A*S*H a successful series. The MishM*A*S*H posts may be about props from the set, souvenirs from the Smithsonian exhibition, items from real MASH units, or anything else in the collection.

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M*A*S*H was so successful that it spawned a few spin-offs, launched some cast members into other projects, and, of course, began with the Robert Altman film. The collection contains items from some M*A*S*H related projects and will be discussed in the M*A*S*H-ish posts.

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