M*A*S*H: 50th Anniversary

On September 17, 1972, M*A*S*H debuted on CBS. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, several publications have been released and for September 2022, there have been events announced throughout the month. I will try to keep this post up to date as more events, marathons, specials, publications, etc. are announced and released for this momentous occasion!


September 12-16, 2022

MeTV will air a series of episode of M*A*S*H to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series. The episodes are being billed as “M*A*S*H: The Best by Farr,” and will feature appearances by Jamie Farr as he shares his memories and his favorite episodes. The episodes will air each night of the week for an hour block beginning at 7pm ET/PT.

September 13, 2022

Reelz will air a new documentary celebrating the series called M*A*S*H: When Television Changed Forever. The documentary will feature new interviews with Jamie Farr, Mike Farrell, and Jeff Maxwell. They will join interviews with other writers and producers to tell the story of how M*A*S*H began, how it succeeded, and its lasting impact. The documentary will air at 9pm ET.

September 17, 2022

Finally, on the 50th anniversary day itself, Ryan Patrick and Jeff Maxwell of the M*A*S*H Matters podcast will host a fan gathering at the M*A*S*H filming location at Malibu Creek State Park. They will be recording fan stories and plan to be at the site for most of the day. The gathering itself will be held from 11am – 1pm local time. There is a VIP breakfast fundraiser in the morning, but the tickets are limited to 50 guests only. This is the event to attend and will be a great way to experience the original, outdoor M*A*S*H filming location!

December 9, 2022

Beginning December 9, 2022, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History will open an exhibit called Entertainment Nation. This new exhibit will feature many pop culture icons, including the famed M*A*S*H sign post. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of M*A*S*H and the opening of the new exhibit, Smithsonian Magazine published an article about the sign post, the series, and why the show is still relevant today. I am looking forward to going to Washington, DC later this year or early in 2023 to see the exhibit and view the sign post. I have never seen it before, and I am excited to see it for the first time!



Life Magazine

Early in 2022, Life released a special anniversary edition magazine called M*A*S*H: TV’s Most Extraordinary Comedy (click the link for my full review of this magazine). Life always puts together great tribute issues, and this one is no exception. This is a reissue of the 2020 release of of this magazine, so don’t think you have to rebuy this magazine if you bought the issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Robert Altman film. This magazine features full length articles, quotes, and great photographs. I think the magazine’s conclusion says it all, “Laughter remains the best medicine right behind medicine itself and sometimes behind martinis, too. M*A*S*H provides all of those comforts. In that way, the doctors and nurses of the 4077th have never stopped healing us.”

The Ultimate Guide to M*A*S*H

In July, The Ultimate Guide to M*A*S*H was released on newsstands (click the link for my full review of this magazine). It provides great information about the series and what makes M*A*S*H special. The photos are great, the articles are fun and concise, and it is just a joy to read. The Life magazine is a great, in-depth look at M*A*S*H with a more serious tone. But The Ultimate Guide to M*A*S*H is just fun, and I highly recommend picking it up before it leaves newsstands in October 2022!

TV Guide Magazine Puzzler

TV Guide Magazine Puzzler released a special, M*A*S*H edition of its magazine in July 2022. The issue contains over 50 puzzles including word searches, crosswords, criss crosses, sudokus, word scrambles, and picture quizzes. The puzzles follow two main themes: the characters of M*A*S*H and the seasons. This magazine surprised me in the best way possible, and I highly recommend picking up a copy. You still might be able to find this issue on your local newsstand, but if not, you can order the back issue online here.

Parade Magazine

For the week of September 4, 2022, Parade magazine published a featured article celebrating the 50th anniversary of the series. The article highlights eight facts about the series, although there are some errors in the article such as Klinger being misidentified as a major following his promotion. There is also a new, short interview with Alan Alda (six questions). While this is not a must have for M*A*S*H fans, it is a part of the 50th anniversary celebration. If your local newspaper has Parade in the Sunday editions (as mine does), it is worth saving for you collection!

The Saturday Evening Post

The September/October 2022 edition of The Saturday Evening Post featured an article entitled “Making M*A*S*H.” The article provides a history of the series and has some great photos. The article focuses on the legacy of Gene Reynolds and Larry Gelbart, who are the primary forces behind M*A*S*H coming to television. It really seems appropriate to honor that work of Reynolds and Gelbart as we celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary. A back issue copy of the magazine can be ordered from the The Saturday Evening Post‘s online store.

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