Season 8 (1979-80)

Regular Cast: Alan Alda, David Ogden Stiers, Mike Farrell, Harry Morgan, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr, William Christopher

Too Many Cooks (S-601)
Episode 170 (08×01)
Aired September 17, 1979
Written by Dennis Koenig
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: John Randolph, Ed Begley, Jr.

Radar is away on R&R and Klinger is having a hard time doing his job. Col. Potter is upset about something and trying to get hold of his wife. His wife has told him a letter she wants him to come home and is very upset. Margaret consoles him. Meanwhile, a clumsy soldier is kept around the 4077th because he can cook. The members of the group try to get him transferred to the 4077th as a cook.

Are You Now, Margaret (S-602)
Episode 171 (08×02)
Aired September 24, 1979
Written by Thad Mumford and Dan Wilcox
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Lawrence Pressman, Jennifer Davis, Jeff Maxwell

A Congressional aid show up at the camp and does some snooping around. Hawkeye and BJ suspect he is there for budget cuts but is surprised to learn he is there to investigate a suspected communist…Margaret. Klinger tries to use the Congressional aid to get his Section-8; Klinger is also taking pictures for a photo contest.

Guerilla My Dreams (S-603)
Episode 172 (08×03)
Aired October 1, 1979
Written by Bob Colleary
Directed by Alan Alda
Guest Stars: Mako, Joshua Bryant, Huanani Minn, George Kee Cheung, Marcus Mukai, Connie Izay

Klinger is able to get Charles some high-class Brandy and Scully arrives at the camp, wounded. When a wounded woman, suspected to be an enemy guerilla, is treated by Hawkeye, the South Korean’s guard her closely. Hawkeye is upset by the Korean MP because he is going to torture her. Charles plays chess with the MP to distract him while they try to evacuate her against orders.

Good-Bye Radar (Part 1) (S-610)
Episode 173 (08×04)
Aired October 8, 1979
Written by Ken Levine and David Isaacs
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Marylin Jones, Johnny Haymer, Michael O’Dwyer, Richard Lee-Sung, Tony Cristmo, Arell Blanton

The camp generator blows up and the backup was stolen. Radar is on his way back from R&R and meets a girl. When he finally arrives, he can begin to find a new generator. Meanwhile the camp tries to work in the dark. Radar fails at finding them a generator, and Col. Potter learns that Radar’s uncle has passed away.

Good-Bye Radar (Part 2) (S-611)
Episode 174 (08×05)
Aired October 15, 1979
Written by Ken Levine and David Isaacs
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Lee de Broux, Whitney Rydbeck, David Dozer

Radar is preparing to go home but decides to stay when Klinger can’t learn his job. They have not found a generator, and he has to arrange and emergency OR. Hawkeye and Col. Potter try and talk him out of staying, but he is determined to stay. It is only when Klinger finds a generator that Radars realizes he needs to go home.

Period of Adjustment (S-604)
Episode 175 (08×06)
Aired October 22, 1979
Written by Jim Mulligan and John Rappaport
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Jeff Maxwell, Eileen Saki, Gwen Farrell

Klinger is having a very difficult time adjusting to Radar’s job, and no one in camp is helping. Col. Potter, Charles, and Margaret are giving him a very hard time and wishing Radar was still around. Meanwhile, BJ is upset when his daughter, Erin, called Radar daddy when they met Radar at the airport. After punching Hawkeye, BJ joins Klinger on a drinking spree.

Nurse Doctor (S-608)
Episode 176 (08×07)
Aired October 29, 1979
Written by Sy Rosen, Thad Mumford and Dan Wilcox; story by Sy Rosen
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Alexandra Stoddart

A nurse in the camp is preparing for medical school once she is discharged in a few weeks. The nurse gets on everyone’s nerves when she tries to correct everyone. Father Mulcahy is helping her study and she begins to develop feelings for Father. Hawkeye takes over her training when Father begins to feel guilty. Col. Potter and Margaret refuse to let her transfer out of the camp. Meanwhile, the camp has a shortage of water.

Private Finance (S-605)
Episode 177 (08×08)
Aired November 5, 1979
Written by Dennis Koenig
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Shizuko Hoshi, Denice Kumagi, Mark Kologi, Joey Pento, Philip Simma, Art Evans

Klinger is the enemy of a Korean woman who assumes he was trying to “buy some time” with her young daughter. It is a misunderstand. Klinger was trying to keep her for soliciting in Rosie’s Bar. Col. Potter and Margaret try to talk some sense into her mother. Meanwhile, Hawkeye tires to save the life of a young soldier who make Hawkeye promise to send all of his money, all $8,873, home to his parents if he does not make it. Hawkeye learns he earned him money in dirty dealings and must write to his parents. His parents refuse the money because they know what their son had become.

Mr. and Mrs. Who? (S-606)
Episode 178 (08×09)
Aired November 12, 1979
Written by Ronny Graham
Directed by Burt Metcalfe
Guest Stars: Claudette Evans, James Keane

Charles returns from a fun filled week in Tokyo. He was supposed to be attending medical conferences but cannot remember what happened. As it turns out, Charles was “married” in a bar and his new “wife” comes to visit him. Meanwhile, the camp is gearing up for the visit of Korean Hemorrhagic Fever and discover and possible treatment.

The Yalu Brick Road (S-607)
Episode 179 (08×10)
November 19, 1979
Written by Mike Farrell
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Soon Tech Oh, G.W. Bailey, Jeff Maxwell, Kellye Nakahara

The camp gets sick after eating some rotten Thanksgiving turkeys. Charles and Margaret are on their way back from the 8063rd and Hawkeye and BJ are on their way back as well. Charles, Margaret, and Father Mulcahy are the only three who are not sick and have to take care of everyone. Hawkeye and BJ have jeep trouble on the way back and “capture” a surrendering Chinese soldier.

Life Time (S-609)
Episode 180 (08×11)
Aired November 26, 1979
Written by Alan Alda and Walter D. Dishell, M.D.
Directed by Alan Alda
Guest Stars: Kevin Brophy

The camp races the clock as they only have so much time to get an artery transplant for a wounded soldier. BJ has to wait for a soldier to die so they can use one of his arteries to save the other soldier. A wounded soldier, who will make it, is upset the doctors are going to let a soldier die for the artery. Once they are ready, Charles directs them in the technique only to pass out as he is giving blood.

Dear Uncle Abdul (S-613)
Episode 181 (08×12)
Aired December 3, 1979
Written by John Rappaport and Jim Mulligan
Directed by William Jurgensen
Guest Stars: Kelly Ward, Richard Lineback, Alexander Petale

Klinger writes his uncle about his new job and life at the 4077th. Some events he describes include: Col. Potter’s painting, BJ stealing one of Hawkeye’s jokes, Father Mulcahy writing a war song, a patient who has a visit from a friend, Klinger being Charles’ bird dog, and Margaret shooting her footlocker.

Captains Outrageous (S-614)
Episode 182 (08×13)
Aired December 10, 1979
Written by Thad Mumford and Dan Wilcox
Directed by Burt Metcalfe
Guest Stars: Eileen Saki, John Orchard, Sirri Murad, G.W. Bailey, Paul Cavonis, Momo Yashima, Jo Ann Thompson

Father Mulcahy is hoping for a promotion when Col. Potter writes a good report. The file, however, gets lost and Potter works hard to get it to the promotions board. He has to call the Pentagon. Meanwhile, Rosie gets injured at a fight in the bar and she has to stay in Post-Op. She is a terrible patient and the members of the 4077th run her bar. When Rosie returns to her bar, they all learn Father Mulcahy has been promoted to Captain.

Stars and Stripes (S-615)
Episode 183 (08×14)
Aired December 17, 1979
Written by Dennis Koenig
Directed by Harry Morgan
Guest Stars: Joshua Bryant

After Charles and BJ perform a difficult operation, they get recognized by the American College of Surgeons. The College wants them to write an article on the operation for their journal. Charles and BJ spend the whole time fighting over who gets credit for the operation. Meanwhile, Scully arrives at the camp and upsets Margaret when he wants her to play dress-up. Margaret and Hawkeye realize their standards for finding love may be too high.

Yessir, That’s Our Baby (S-617)
Episode 184 (08×15)
Aired December 31, 1979
Written by Jim Mulligan
Directed by Alan Alda
Guest Stars: Howard Platt, William Bogert, Yuki Shimoda, Elizabeth Farley

When a half American baby arrives on the doorstep of the Swamp, the whole camp works to find a place for her to live. When Father Mulcahy informs them how difficult it is for a half American baby in Korea, they try to have her sent to the United States. When they are unable to find a place for her, they take her to be raised in a monastery.

Bottle Fatigue (S-618)
Episode 185 (08×16)
Aired January 7, 1980
Written by Thad Mumford and Dan Wilcox
Directed by Burt Metcalfe
Guest Stars: Shelley Long, David Hirokane, Shari Saba

After a high bar tab, Hawkeye decides to stop drinking for a week. Hawkeye enjoys sober life and gets hateful as he begins to dry out. Hawkeye also ruins a date with a nurse by commenting on how much she drinks. Charles is upset when his sister plans to marry an Italian. BJ has a hard time finding a quiet place to sleep in camp. When a prisoner tries to kill everyone with a grenade, Hawkeye thinks he made need a drink after the event.

Heal Thyself (S-616)
Episode 186 (08×17)
Aired January 14, 1980
Written by Dennis Koenig; story by Dennis Koenig and Gene Reynolds
Directed by Mike Farrell
Guest Stars: Edward Herrman

When Charles and Col. Potter come down with mumps, they bunk together in Potter’s tent. They drive each other crazy. Meanwhile, Klinger finds a substitute surgeon and he fights the germs because he has never had the mumps. The surgeon has been in Korea before and cracks-up after having to perform surgery.

Old Soldiers (S-620)
Episode 187 (08×18)
Aired January 21, 1980
Written by Dennis Koenig
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Jane Connell, Sally Imamura, Jason Autajay

After having gone to Tokyo to visit a sick friend, Col. Potter begins to act odd and keeps himself locked away. Potter is waiting for a package from some lawyers, and he invites the gang to his tent. The group is unsure why Potter is acting so strange and begins to wonder if the Colonel is sick. They are relived to find out he is okay, but the Colonel explains that he is the last remaining of his old war buddies. They then have a drink together in their honor. Meanwhile, children show up at the camp for tetanus shots, and they all turn out to be allergic to the shot.

Morale Victory (S-619)
Episode 188 (08×19)
Aired January 28, 1980
Written by John Rappaport
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: James Stephens, G.W. Bailey, Connie Izay

When the camp is tired of seeing the same old movie, Hawkeye and BJ are put in charge of morale. The two doctors are failing miserably at their job until they decide to put on a beach party. Meanwhile, Charles feels guilty when a soldier he operated on his upset about the loss of the use of his hands; the soldier is a concert pianist.

Lend a Hand (S-621)
Episode 189 (08×20)
Aired February 4, 1980
Written by Alan Alda
Directed by Alan Alda
Guest Stars: Robert Alda, Antony Alda, Daren Kelly, Shari Saba

When the camp is going through a slow spell, BJ tells everyone it is Hawkeye’s birthday, and they all plan a surprise party. Meanwhile, Dr. Borelli arrives once again and gets on Hawkeye’s nerves because he is so controlling. Hawkeye and Borelli go to an aid station to operate on a soldier. When the aid station is shelled, Hawkeye sprains his wrist and Borelli breaks his arm, so they have to work together to save the soldiers life.

Goodbye, Cruel World (S-622)
Episode 190 (08×21)
Aired February 11, 1980
Written by Thad Mumford and Dan Wilcox
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Clyde Kusatsu, Allan Arbus, Philip Burns, James, Lough, David Cramer

A wounded Chinese-American arrives at the 4077th and tries to kill himself when he finds out he will get to go home. They call Dr. Freedman and discover he feels guilty about killing Chinese and has been trying to kill himself ever since he arrived in Korea. Meanwhile, Klinger is upset when everyone laughs at the way he decorates his office. After everyone is done laughing, he is ordered to take everything down and tries once again to get a discharge.

Dreams (S-612)
Episode 191 (08×22)
Aired February 18, 1980
Written by Alan Alda; Story by Alan Alda and James Jay Rubinfier
Directed by Alan Alda
Guest Stars: Ford Rainey, Robin Haynes, Catherine Bergstrom, Fred Stuthman, Kurtis Sanders, Ray Lynch, Connie Izay

The whole camp is busy at work with wounded, but they each get an occasional break during which they try and sleep. Each begins to dream happily only to have the war invade the dream before it ends.

War Co-Respondent (S-624)
Episode 192 (08×23)
Aired March 3, 1980
Written by Mike Farrell
Directed by Mike Farrell
Guest Stars: Susan Saint James, Brad Wilkin, Calvin Levels

When a female war co-respondent arrives at the camp Hawkeye is in love, but she is interested in BJ, not Hawkeye. She tries to seduce BJ, unsuccessfully, and Hawkeye keeps trying to get her attention. Meanwhile, Col. Potter shows off his paintings and one of BJ’s patients needs emergency surgery.

Back Pay (S-625)
Episode 193 (08×24)
Aired March 10, 1980
Written by Thad Mumford, Dan Wilcox, and Dennis Koenig
Directed by Burt Metcalfe
Guest Stars: Sab Shimono, Peter Kim, Jerry Fujikawa, G.W. Bailey, Richard Herd, Roy Goldman

When Hawkeye learns a doctor in the states is making loads of money from Selective Service, Hawkeye adds up all the operations he has done and sends the Army a bill. When that does not work, Hawkeye takes a jeep as part of his payment. An officer from HQ comes to investigate Hawkeye’s bill. Meanwhile, Charles has back trouble and has to show around three Korean doctors.

April Fools (S-623)
Episode 194 (08×25)
Aired March 24, 1980
Written by Dennis Koenig
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Pat Hingle, G.W. Bailey, Roy Goldman, Jennifer Davis

April Fool’s Day is coming up and the jokes are flying. Col. Potter learns a tough-as-nails colonel is coming to investigate the 4077th. The colonel arrives after one of Hawkeye, Charles, and BJ play a joke on Margaret. The colonel is crude, and BJ, Margaret, Charles, and Hawkeye decide to pay him back. The colonel, meanwhile, has Klinger believing he will be discharged. It turns out Col. Potter is friends with the colonel and the whole ordeal was an April Fool’s joke.