Press Pass 15: M*A*S*H Wrap Quotes: David Ogden Stiers

Earlier this year, I posted a set of quotes from cast members and producers following the final day of filming M*A*S*H in January 1983. The packet of quotes I had posted was missing quotes from David Ogden Stiers. After the post went live, a comment was made that Stiers was indeed at the conference andContinue reading “Press Pass 15: M*A*S*H Wrap Quotes: David Ogden Stiers”

Press Pass 14: Announcing New Cast Members

It is very rare for a television to survive a major cast change, but M*A*S*H underwent two major cast changes during its 11 year run (three if you count the departure of Gary Burghoff’s Radar). Between seasons three and four, 20th Century Fox Television announced the replacement for the departed Col. Henry Blake as HarryContinue reading “Press Pass 14: Announcing New Cast Members”

M*A*S*H: 50th Anniversary

On September 17, 1972, M*A*S*H debuted on CBS. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, several publications have been released and for September 2022, there have been events announced throughout the month. I will try to keep this post up to date as more events, marathons, specials, publications, etc. are announced and released for this momentous occasion!Continue reading “M*A*S*H: 50th Anniversary”

Thank You! One Month In

It is hard to believe that it has been a month since I first launched the site, and it has gone very well! I want to thank everyone who has visited The M*A*S*H Historian site, liked or commented on posts, interacted with posts on Twitter and Instagram, and for all of the kind, supportive comments.Continue reading “Thank You! One Month In”

Welcome to The M*A*S*H Historian

Welcome and thank you for visiting The M*A*S*H Historian! This site has been in development, on paper at least, for the last several years. After listening to several M*A*S*H Podcasts and hearing the fan questions and interactions, I decided it was time for me to jump in and make this site a reality! First, allowContinue reading “Welcome to The M*A*S*H Historian”