MishM*A*S*H 15: 1979 M*A*S*H Christmas Party Invitation

Each year, the M*A*S*H cast and crew had a Christmas party. There would be food, an annual gift, and, I would assume, great time! According to this invitation from 1979, the Christmas party was held on December 21st on Stage 9. The invitation says that a “name tag is necessary for admission and dinner,” so you had to have proof that you were part of the cast or crew to attend. These Christmas parties are perhaps best known for their annual gifts. Some of these gifts have been sold by members of the cast and crew, so we know what they are. A few of the gifts include a belt buckle, a custom M*A*S*H record, and even a watch!

I have been interested in the M*A*S*H Christmas party for several years as I have several items related to the party (including a few of the gift items) in my collection. While this invitation just tells the attendee where and when to be for the party, it really doesn’t provide much detail about what happened at the party itself. And I have many questions! What was the gift in 1979? What did they have for dinner? Who all attended? What gifts were given each year? Sadly, some of the answers to these questions have likely been lost to time. Nevertheless, the Christmas party would have been a great way to get everyone together toward the end of a season and have a great time.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season with their friends and families!

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