Season 1 (1972-73)

Regular Cast: Alan Alda, Gary Burghoff, Larry Linville, Wayne Rogers, McLean Stevenson, Loretta Swit

M*A*S*H — The Pilot Episode (J-301)
Episode 1 (01×01)
Aired September 17, 1972
Written by Larry Gelbart
Directed by Gene Reynolds
Guest Stars:  Karen Philipp, Patrick Adiarte, G. Wood, Timothy Brown, Linda Meiklejohn, Laura Miller, George Morgan

After an extended opening, everyone is working away in OR. After the OR session, Radar brings Trapper and Hawkeye their mail to the Swamp. Hawkeye gets a letter from his alma mater that has accepted Ho Jon to their school. All they need is $2,000. Hawkeye gets the idea to sell raffle tickets. The prize? A weekend in Tokyo with Lt. Dish. Henry decides at the last minute not to allow Hawkeye and Trapper to have the party while he is away, but the party goes on. They raise over $1,800 and Father Mulcahy wins the grand prize!

To Market, To Market (J-303)
Episode 2 (01×02)
Aired September 24, 1972
Written by Burt Styler
Directed by Michael O’Herlihy
Guest Stars: G. Wood, Robert Ito, Jack Soo, John C. Johnson

When Hawkeye and Trapper almost lose a patient due to shortage of Hydrocortisone, they decide to do something about the disappearance of supplies. After the 4077th supplies are stolen a second time, Hawkeye and Trapper go to Soeul and visit with a Black Marketer. He agrees to give Hawkeye and Trapper what they want, but in return he wants Henry’s 100-year-old oak desk!

Requiem for a Lightweight (J-308)
Episode 3 (01×03)
Aired October 1, 1972
Written by Bob Klane
Directed by Hy Averback
Guest Stars: Marcia Strassman, Sorrell Booke, Mike McGirr

When the 4077th gets a gorgeous new nurse, Hawkeye and Trapper begin to fight over her. Major Houlihan quickly discovers what a distraction the nurse is and has her transferred. When Hawkeye and Trapper complain to Henry, he agrees to get her back but only if Trapper fights in the intercamp boxing tournament. After seeing the guerilla of a man Trapper will be up against, Hawkeye gets an idea that will win Trapper the fight and the nurse!

Chief Surgeon Who? (J-307)
Episode 4 (01×04)
Aired October 8, 1972
Written by Larry Gelbart
Directed by E. W. Swackhamer
Guest Stars: Linda Meiklejohn, Jack Riley, Sorrell Booke, Timothy Brown, Odessa Cleveland, Jamie Farr

Hawkeye has become the expert in OR everyone takes their problems too much to Frank’s dislike. After Franks complains to Henry, he decides the only way to settle the problem is by appointing a chief surgeon. The chief surgeon is Hawkeye. While the rest of the camp is celebrating Hawkeye’s appointment, Frank and Margaret call General Barker to complain. When General Barker shows up at the camp, Hawkeye is playing poker while a wounded soldier is waiting is OR. Upset, General Barker orders Hawkeye to perform the surgery, but Hawkeye, much to General Barker’s surprise, has everything under control.

The Moose (J-305)
Episode 5 (01×05)
Aired October 15, 1972
Written by Laurence Marks
Directed by Hy Averback
Guest Stars: Paul Jenkins, Virginia Lee, Craig Jue, Barbara Brownell, Patrick Adiarte, Tim Brown

When Hawkeye finds out a visiting soldier has a personal servant called a moose, Hawkeye and Trapper try to convince the man to let her go. Hawkeye finds out the Army will do nothing about it. When ordering him to release her does not work, Hawkeye wins her in a poker game. After winning her, Hawkeye lets her go, but she refuses to leave and refuses to be a moose again.

Yankee Doodle Doctor (J-310)
Episode 6 (01×06)
Aired October 22, 1972
Written by Laurence Marks
Directed by Lee Philips
Guest Stars: Ed Flanders, Bert Kramer, Herb Voland

General Clayton chooses the 4077th for a documentary about MASH units. After reading the script, Hawkeye and Trapper have a quick dislike for the film. After Hawkeye and Trapper expose all the footage, they decide to make the film themselves. When the films premiers with the General in attendance, they quickly discover Hawkeye and Trapper did not stick to the original script!

Bananas, Crackers, and Nuts (J-311)
Episode 7 (01×07)
Aired November 5, 1972
Written by Burt Styler
Directed by Bruce Bilson
Guest Stars: Stuart Margolin

After refusing to give Hawkeye and Trapper some R&R, Henry goes on a short R&R. While Henry is out, Hawkeye pretends to be crazy to get the passes from temporary commander Frank. Frank and Margaret call in a real psychiatrist to assess Hawkeye and wants to take him with him for further observation. Now Hawkeye had to get himself out of a whole new mess.

Cowboy (J-309)
Episode 8 (01×08)
Aired November 12, 1972
Written by Bob Klane
Directed by Don Weis
Guest Stars: Billy Green Bush, Alicia Bond, Rick Moses, Joe Corey

When a chopper pilot is injured, he is treated and recovers at the 4077th. The pilot believes his wife is going to leave him and is waiting for a letter for home. He asks Hawkeye if he can go home. After Henry turns down the request, the pilot tries to kill Henry. The pilot’s letter arrives just in time to save Henry’s life.

Henry, Please Come Home (J-302)
Episode 9 (01×09)
Aired November 19, 1972
Written by Laurence Marks
Directed by William Wiard
Guest Stars: Timothy Brown, G. Wood, William Christopher

When General Hammond informs the 4077th they have the highest efficiency rating in Korea, 90%, the General announces Henry is needed for administrative and training purposes and is reassigned to Tokyo Medical Headquarters. Unfortunately for the camp, this puts Major Frank Burns in charge. Frank decides the 4077th is going to be a real military camp. Frank has revelry blown early in the morning, begins a calisthenics program, and takes away the still! Hawkeye, Trapper, Radar, Sperechucker, Ugly John, and the gang decide Frank needs to go and the best way is to get Henry back. When Hawkeye and Trapper go to Tokyo to see Henry, they make Radar fake an illness to get Henry back.

I Hate a Mystery (J-306)
Episode 10 (01×10)
Aired November 26, 1972
Written by Hal Dressner
Directed by Hy Averback
Guest Stars: Patrick Adiarte, Bonnie Jones, Linda Meiklejohn

After a rash of thefts in the 4077th, Henry decides to conduct a tent-to-tent inspection of the camp when no one comes forward as the thief. The inspection turns up nothing until Henry gets to Hawkeye’s footlocker. Frank and Margaret press for a court martial while Hawkeye conducts his own investigation to find the real thief.

Germ Warfare (J-304)
Episode 11 (01×11)
Aired December 10, 1972
Written by Larry Gelbart
Directed by Terry Becker
Guest Stars: Robert Gooden, Karen Philipp, Byron Chung

Frank orders a recovering enemy soldier to be moved to a POW camp. Hawkeye pleas with Henry to allow him to stay in the hospital for one more day. Henry gives in when Hawkeye decides to give the patient his own bunk in the Swamp. When the POW needs a transfusion, Radar discovers Frank is the only person in camp with the same blood type. Hawkeye and Trapper take the blood in the middle of the night and soon the POW shows signs of hepatitis. Hawkeye and Trapper must keep Frank away from patients and Hot Lips until the test comes back on Franks urine.

Dear Dad (J-313)
Episode 12 (01×12)
Aired December 17, 1972
Written by Larry Gelbart
Directed by Gene Reynolds
Guest Stars: Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Bonnie Jones, Lizabeth Deen, Gary Van Orman

Christmas is upon the 4077th and Hawkeye writes to his father about the antics of the members of the camp. The OR tension, OR jokes, Christmas decorations, Radar mailing a jeep home, Henry’s monthly lecture “Marital Sex and the Family” (with Figures “A” and “B”), Trapper’s clinic and delivery of a calf, Klinger attacking Frank, Hot Lips and Frank’s special date, and the Korean Kid’s Christmas party. Hawkeye flies in a chopper to help a soldier in the field dressed and Santa Clause.

Edwina (J-312)
Episode 13 (01×13)
Aired December 24, 1972
Written by Hal Dresner
Directed by James Sheldon
Guest Stars: Arlene Golonka, Linda Meiklejohn, Marcia Strassman

When a departing nurse divulges to a fellow nurse that she is lonely, the nurses decide they will not date any of the men in camp until someone dates Edwina. The men hold a meeting to decide who the lucky man will be. After drawing straws, Hawkeye is the winner. Hawkeye will escort Edwina, a VERY well-known klutz, to a date in the Swamp, if she does not physically harm him before they get there.

Love Story (J-314)
Episode 14 (01×14)
Aired January 7, 1973
Written by Laurence Marks
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Stars: Kelly Jean Peters, Indira Danks, Barbara Brownell

Radar is depressed after receiving a “Dear John” letter from his fiancé at home. Hawkeye and Trapper try to get Radar a date with one of the nurses, but when a new nurse arrives, Radar is instantly attracted. Hawkeye discovers the new nurse is very intelligent and he and Trapper try to improve Radar. Margaret complains because it is against regulations for enlisted personal to consort with officers. To get back at her, Hawkeye and Trapper interrupt her meetings with Frank until she reluctantly agrees to leave Radar and his new girl alone.

Tuttle (J-315)
Episode 15 (01×15)
Aired January 14, 1973
Written by Bruce Shelly and David Ketchum
Directed by William Wiard
Guest Stars: Herb Voland, Mary-Robin Redd, James Sikking

In order to give the orphanage much needed supplies, Hawkeye invents a new member of 4077th, Captain Tuttle. Tuttle’s name is constantly used and eventually everything spins out of control. Tuttle is officer of the day, Frank wants to be Tuttle’s “roomy,” Hot Lips is in love, Tuttle receives a ton of back pay and donates it all to Sister Teresa’s Orphanage, and General Clayton arrives to give him commendation. Hawkeye delivers the terrible news that the imaginary Tuttle has died.

The Ringbanger (J-316)
Episode 16 (01×16)
Aired January 21, 1973
Written by Jerry Mayer
Directed by Jackie Cooper
Guest Stars: Leslie Neilsen, Linda Meiklejohn

After removing a bullet from the butt of a colonel, Hawkeye and Trapper learn the colonel has a high casualty rate. Hawkeye and Trapper play a few pranks and give him some false information about the members of the 4077th. They tell him Frank is a cross-dresser, Henry is an alcoholic, and Margaret is Henry’s girl. In the end Hawkeye and Trapper have successfully convinced him he has a case of battle fatigue.

Sometimes You Hear the Bullet (J-318)
Episode 17 (01×17)
Aired January 28, 1973
Written by Carl Kleinschmitt
Directed by William Wiard
Guest Stars: James Callahan, Ron Howard, Lynette Mettey

Frank hurts his back on a date with Margaret and has to be put in traction. Frank thinks he needs the Purple Heart. Hawkeye’s friend, Tommy, is in Korea to write a book. He stops by to see Hawkeye for a few hours before moving on. Hawkeye then works on a young Marine who is only 15. He begs Hawkeye not to turn him in who agrees. Later, in OR Hawkeye is summoned to work on a chest case which turns out to be Tommy. When Tommy dies, Hawkeye blows the whistle on the young Marine.

Dear Dad…Again (J-317)
Episode 18 (01×18)
Aired February 4, 1973
Written by Sheldon Keller and Larry Gelbart
Directed by Jackie Cooper
Guest Stars: Alex Henteloff, Gail Bowman, Odessa Cleveland

Hawkeye writes to his father about the going-ons at the 4077th. He tells his father about OR, Dr. Adam Casey (who turns out not to be a doctor), Klinger in a wedding gown, Hawkeye walking around the camp naked, Radar’s ESP, Radar’s test from the Triple-A High School Diploma Company of Delavan, Indiana, Frank and Margaret go through a dry spell and Frank has too much Gin, and the M*A*S*H talent show.

The Longjohn Flap (J-319)
Episode 19 (01×19)
Aired February 18, 1973
Written by Alan Alda
Direct by William Wiard
Guest Stars: Kathleen King, Joseph Perry

The winters in Korea are very cold, and the cold is upon the 4077. The 4077th has yet to receive their winter gear. Hawkeye has a pair of long johns he received from home; he gives to a sick and cold Trapper. Trapper loses the long johns to Radar in a poker game who trades them to the cook for a leg of lamb. The cook uses the long johns to bribe Frank to not turn him in. Frank gives the long johns to Margaret. Klinger steals the long johns from Margaret who gives them to Father Mulcahy when he feels guilty. Father gives them to Henry. Eventually the long johns get back to Hawkeye after Henry needs and emergency appendectomy.

The Army-Navy Game (J-322)
Episode 20 (01×20)
Aired February 25, 1973
Written by Sid Dorfman
Directed by Gene Reynolds
Guest Stars: Alan Manson, David Doyle, Tom Richards

When the 4077th is gearing up for the Army vs. Navy football game, the camp begins to be shelled. Henry gets hit by some shrapnel and Frank is temporarily in charge. A bomb lands in the middle of the compound and has yet to explode. After calling headquarters, Hawkeye discovers the bomb is still ticking. Henry calls around to find out how to diffuse it. The Navy informs Henry the bomb is from the CIA and Trapper and Hawkeye try to diffuse. After receiving backwards instructions from Henry, the bomb goes off spreading propaganda leaflets!

Sticky Wicket (J-321)
Episode 21 (01×21)
Aired March 4, 1973
Written by Laurence Marks and Larry Gelbart
Directed by Don Weis
Guest Stars: Wayne Bryan, Lynette Mettey, Bonnie Jones

After Hawkeye gives Frank a hard time about his surgical skills, Hawkeye discovers one of his patients is not recovering. Hawkeye attacks Frank when he gives Hawkeye a hard time about his patient. Hawkeye then moves out of the Swamp because he is deeply troubled by his patient. After a lecture from Henry, Hawkeye suddenly realizes what he may have missed during surgery.

Major Fred C. Dobbs (J-320)
Episode 22 (01×22)
Aired March 11, 1973
Written by Sid Dorfman
Directed by Don Weis
Guest Stars: Harvey J. Goldenberg

Frank is being his usual self, so Hawkeye and Trapper increase their torment of Frank. After Hawkeye and Trapper cast Frank’s arm and give him a hook in place of his hand, Frank demands a transfer from Henry, who is having a filling replaced. Hawkeye and Trapper record Frank’s goodbye to Margaret and broadcast it over the PA system. Margaret is so humiliated that she too demands a transfer. Henry makes life difficult for Trapper and Hawkeye, who realize they have gone too far. After getting the idea from Radar, Hawkeye and Trapper get Frank to stay after pretending to have found gold near the camp.

Ceasefire (J-323)
Episode 23 (01×23)
Aired March 18, 1973
Written by Laurence Marks
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Stars: Herb Voland

After a long OR session, Henry gets a call from General Clayton who tells Henry that a ceasefire has been arranged. The news spreads across the camp quickly and everyone is gearing up for the end of the war. Trapper is doubtful the ceasefire is legitimate. There is a constant party in the compound and Hawkeye tells Ho Jon to take whatever he wants from the Swamp. Radar is going around camp to get his scrapbook signed, Klinger sells his dresses, Margaret tells Frank to go back to his wife, Hawkeye fights off marriage proposals by saying he is already married, and Trapper bets Hawkeye the war is not over. General Clayton comes to the 4077th’s farewell party where the General receives notice there is no ceasefire.

Showtime (J-324)
Episode 24 (01×24)
Aired March 25, 1973
Written by Robert Klane and Larry Gelbart
Directed by Jackie Cooper
Guest Stars: Joey Forman, Harvey Goldenberg, Stanley Clay, Sheila Lauritsen, Oksun Kim

A USO show visits the camp amid all the action of the 4077th. Trapper has a difficult case in surgery, Henry is waiting for the birth of his son, the dentist is being discharged, Father Mulchay feels he is not successful, Radar plays a drum solo, and Hawkeye is the victim of a string of practical jokes played on him by Frank!

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