Thank You! One Month In

It is hard to believe that it has been a month since I first launched the site, and it has gone very well! I want to thank everyone who has visited The M*A*S*H Historian site, liked or commented on posts, interacted with posts on Twitter and Instagram, and for all of the kind, supportive comments. This community is a big reason why I love M*A*S*H so much.

I know the rollout of the site has been slow, but it will continue to grow as I organize the collection and write weekly posts. I am limited by the fact that I am one person, but I am committed to sharing the collection with everyone. I continue to go through poster tubes, file cabinets, and boxes to find more M*A*S*H items, including some that I had forgotten that I owned.

I am sticking with the weekly posting schedule as each post take time to photograph, research, and write. For the From the M*A*S*H Library posts, I re-read each book so I have a fresh perspective. I not only review the script for the Script Spotlight posts, but I also rewatch the episode following along in the script and make note of any major differences. The Press Pass posts require that the press release be scanned, and MishM*A*S*H posts take a fair amount of additional research. The site takes requires work, but it is a lot of fun for me as I am getting to share the objects and the stories they tell with fellow fans.

The photo above was taken last week and is of several items from the collection that I have recently rediscovered and assembled. After fifteen years, I find that I have stored objects in locations that I have forgotten, but everything is coming back out into the light (literally)! There are a lot of exciting posts coming, so please continue to follow along as we learn more about M*A*S*H together.

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