M*A*S*H-ish 2: Korean War: The Untold Story

In April, the M*A*S*H Matters podcast (Episode 80) interviewed the filmmakers behind the 1988 documentary Korean War: The Untold Story. Producer Arnold Shapiro worked with writer and director Carol L. Fleisher to tell the story of the Korean War and its aftermath through the eyes of soldiers who were there. The documentary was hosted by M*A*S*H star Loretta Swit, and she filmed interviews and segments in Korea. In the documentary, she visits the 38th Parallel and a MASH unit. The 45-minute documentary originally aired on PBS, and was first published on YouTube by M*A*S*H Matters. I have embedded the documentary below.

I recommend listening to the M*A*S*H Matters episode as they interviewed Swit, Shapiro, and Fleisher. They are all together, so hosts Jeff Maxwell and Ryan Patrick get to ask them questions about the documentary, the people they interviewed, the trip to South Korea, and some great behind the scenes stories from the production. The documentary is very well made and tells an important story. As M*A*S*H fans, we should understand the the context in which the show was set. The Korean War is often called “the forgotten war,” but it is certainly not forgotten to those who fought it and those who lost family members as a result of it. The film put the Korean War into a spotlight that it deserves.

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