From the M*A*S*H Library 18: “The Real M*A*S*H” (Documentary)

What is it? Lee, Min Sook, dir. The Real M*A*S*H. Toronto, Ontario: Storyline Entertainment, 2012. Why should M*A*S*H fans care? This documentary places the series in the context of the Korean War and real MASH units in Korea. The interviews with veterans and their MASH stories make this documentary worthwhile. As a M*A*S*H fan, what part(s) should I watch?Continue reading “From the M*A*S*H Library 18: “The Real M*A*S*H” (Documentary)”

Script Spotlight 17: “In Love and War”

Since last week was Valentine’s Day, it seemed fitting to look at a M*A*S*H episode with a love story at its core. As I was looking through the possible episodes, I noticed that I have two copies of the script for “In Love and War” (06×08). In this episode, Hawkeye falls in love with aContinue reading “Script Spotlight 17: “In Love and War””

M*A*S*H-ish 5: Battle Circus (1953)

“Long before M*A*S*H, there was Battle Circus. Made during the Korean War, this tribute to the indomitable human spirit takes an authentic, almost documentary-like look at the nurses and doctors who operated in the battlefront Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals. Major Jed Webbe (Humphrey Bogart) is a brilliant, hard-bitten Army surgeon with a weakness for womenContinue reading “M*A*S*H-ish 5: Battle Circus (1953)”

M*A*S*H-ish 2: Korean War: The Untold Story

In April, the M*A*S*H Matters podcast (Episode 80) interviewed the filmmakers behind the 1988 documentary Korean War: The Untold Story. Producer Arnold Shapiro worked with writer and director Carol L. Fleisher to tell the story of the Korean War and its aftermath through the eyes of soldiers who were there. The documentary was hosted byContinue reading “M*A*S*H-ish 2: Korean War: The Untold Story”

MishM*A*S*H 6: Harry S. Truman Library Korean War Collection

On Friday, March 4, I visited the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri. Truman was president during the majority of the Korean War, and his presidential library holds all of the documents from his presidency, including the war. I visited to see how the Korean War is covered in the museumContinue reading “MishM*A*S*H 6: Harry S. Truman Library Korean War Collection”

From the M*A*S*H Library 2: Back Down the Ridge

What is it? White, W. L. Back Down the Ridge. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1953. Why should M*A*S*H fans care? It has been said that Back Down the Ridge was required reading for the writers of M*A*S*H as it provided first hand accounts of MASH units. The book also provides a technical analysisContinue reading “From the M*A*S*H Library 2: Back Down the Ridge”

Script Spotlight 1: “A War for all Seasons”

I know what you are thinking. Why isn’t the pilot episode the first Script Spotlight post? And that is a fair question. I had considered it as the first post as it seemed the most logical. But I ultimately chose “A War for all Seasons” (09×06) because that script is important to me and toContinue reading “Script Spotlight 1: “A War for all Seasons””