From the M*A*S*H Library 17: “Entertainment Nation”

What is it? Cohen, Kenneth and John W. Troutman, eds. Entertainment Nation: How Music, Television, Film, Sports, and Theater Shaped the United States. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Books, 2022. Why should M*A*S*H fans care? The Smithsonian is currently displaying (2023) the M*A*S*H signpost, and the exhibit catalog features the signpost and discusses M*A*S*H in its introduction. As a M*A*S*H fan,Continue reading “From the M*A*S*H Library 17: “Entertainment Nation””

MishM*A*S*H 17: M*A*S*H Signpost at the Smithsonian

In late January, I had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. In December, a new exhibit featuring objects from television, movies, sports, music, and more opened at the museum. Entitled “Entertainment Nation,” the exhibit explores entertainment in the United States from the mid-1800s to the modern era. ThisContinue reading “MishM*A*S*H 17: M*A*S*H Signpost at the Smithsonian”

MishM*A*S*H 13: M*A*S*H Signpost Returning to the Smithsonian

After M*A*S*H ended in 1983, the Smithsonian Institute requested several items from the series for its permanent collection. The National Museum of American History then produced a highly successful exhibit, “M*A*S*H: Binding Up the Wounds,” which ran from July 30, 1983 through February 3, 1985 (I have written posts on the exhibit souvenir program andContinue reading “MishM*A*S*H 13: M*A*S*H Signpost Returning to the Smithsonian”

MishM*A*S*H 11: Royal Orleans Plate and Post Card

UPDATE 8/22/2022: Thanks to Ryan from the M*A*S*H Matters Podcast for sending me some information from Loretta Swit’s book SwitHeart: The Watercolour Art & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit. We can now identify the artist of the cast painting as Bernard “Bernie” Fuchs (October 29, 1932 – September 17, 2009). More information on Fuchs andContinue reading “MishM*A*S*H 11: Royal Orleans Plate and Post Card”