MishM*A*S*H 17: M*A*S*H Signpost at the Smithsonian

In late January, I had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. In December, a new exhibit featuring objects from television, movies, sports, music, and more opened at the museum. Entitled “Entertainment Nation,” the exhibit explores entertainment in the United States from the mid-1800s to the modern era. ThisContinue reading “MishM*A*S*H 17: M*A*S*H Signpost at the Smithsonian”

MishM*A*S*H 2: Smithsonian Set Piece Souvenir

After viewing the “M*A*S*H: Binding Up the Wounds” exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of American History, you would have likely visited the gift shop to see what M*A*S*H items you could take home. Earlier this month, I wrote about the Smithsonian Exhibit Catalog, but there were other items you could purchase including posters, shirts,Continue reading “MishM*A*S*H 2: Smithsonian Set Piece Souvenir”

Welcome to The M*A*S*H Historian

Welcome and thank you for visiting The M*A*S*H Historian! This site has been in development, on paper at least, for the last several years. After listening to several M*A*S*H Podcasts and hearing the fan questions and interactions, I decided it was time for me to jump in and make this site a reality! First, allowContinue reading “Welcome to The M*A*S*H Historian”