Press Pass 14: Announcing New Cast Members

It is very rare for a television to survive a major cast change, but M*A*S*H underwent two major cast changes during its 11 year run (three if you count the departure of Gary Burghoff’s Radar). Between seasons three and four, 20th Century Fox Television announced the replacement for the departed Col. Henry Blake as HarryContinue reading “Press Pass 14: Announcing New Cast Members”

Press Pass 7: Mike Farrell on Appearing in Advertisements

UPDATE (April 11, 2022): The original version of the article indicated that Alan Alda and David Ogden Stiers didn’t participate in the IBM campaign, when in fact they later did. In the late 1980s, the M*A*S*H cast reunited in an unlikely place. They didn’t appear on a talk show or even on a reunion special.Continue reading “Press Pass 7: Mike Farrell on Appearing in Advertisements”

Script Spotlight 3: “Death Takes a Holiday”

For December, a holiday themed episode seemed appropriate, so I selected “Death Takes a Holiday” (09×05) to review. When I went to the pull the script, I realized that I have two copies! One is from my first set of scripts from 2007, the scripts that were used by costume director Albert Frankel. That episodeContinue reading “Script Spotlight 3: “Death Takes a Holiday””