Press Pass 13: “Ninth-Season Premiere Episode [Letters]”

Released October 28, 1980, this press release announced the season nine premiere episode, “Letters.” However, if you look at the DVDs and any M*A*S*H episode guide that is in broadcast order, you quickly notice that is wrong! According to the release, on November 17, 1980, M*A*S*H would premiere on CBS with that episode. However, “Letters”Continue reading “Press Pass 13: “Ninth-Season Premiere Episode [Letters]””

Script Spotlight 1: “A War for all Seasons”

I know what you are thinking. Why isn’t the pilot episode the first Script Spotlight post? And that is a fair question. I had considered it as the first post as it seemed the most logical. But I ultimately chose “A War for all Seasons” (09×06) because that script is important to me and toContinue reading “Script Spotlight 1: “A War for all Seasons””