Press Pass 13: “Ninth-Season Premiere Episode [Letters]”

Released October 28, 1980, this press release announced the season nine premiere episode, “Letters.” However, if you look at the DVDs and any M*A*S*H episode guide that is in broadcast order, you quickly notice that is wrong! According to the release, on November 17, 1980, M*A*S*H would premiere on CBS with that episode. However, “Letters”Continue reading “Press Pass 13: “Ninth-Season Premiere Episode [Letters]””

Script Spotlight 11: “Henry in Love”

Early scripts from M*A*S*H are pretty hard to find, especially season one. In season two, the series began to hit its stride, and with Larry Gelbart firmly at the helm, the show seemed to start over from season two, episode one. They started to write episodes that didn’t just focus on Hawkeye and the doctorsContinue reading “Script Spotlight 11: “Henry in Love””

Press Pass 10: Season 1 Promo Images

This is a bonus post this week to make up for the July 4th holiday. As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of the M*A*S*H pilot episode, I started looking through my collection of press releases and press photos to see if I had anything from season one. Materials from the first season are very hardContinue reading “Press Pass 10: Season 1 Promo Images”

Press Pass 3: Season 10 Press Kit

In the history of television, there are countless series that don’t get renewed for a second season. In 1981, it was a major accomplishment that M*A*S*H was beginning its tenth season. As the season was about to begin in October 1981, Twentieth Century Fox Television and CBS sent out a press kit to hype theContinue reading “Press Pass 3: Season 10 Press Kit”

Script Spotlight 2: “Hey, Look Me Over”

This month’s Script Spotlight is for the episode “Hey, Look Me Over” from season 11 (11×01). This episode is the first episode of season 11, but it is interesting to note the date of the cover of the script: March 22, 1982. This episode was originally intended for season 10, which we can tell basedContinue reading “Script Spotlight 2: “Hey, Look Me Over””

Press Pass 1: Season 11 Press Kit

Before the days of the internet and social media, production companies such as 20th Century-Fox Television didn’t communicate directly with the consumers of their television shows. They relied on publications such as TV Guide and local newspapers to run stories about new shows and the latest season of a series. For M*A*S*H, there is noContinue reading “Press Pass 1: Season 11 Press Kit”

Script Spotlight 1: “A War for all Seasons”

I know what you are thinking. Why isn’t the pilot episode the first Script Spotlight post? And that is a fair question. I had considered it as the first post as it seemed the most logical. But I ultimately chose “A War for all Seasons” (09×06) because that script is important to me and toContinue reading “Script Spotlight 1: “A War for all Seasons””