MishM*A*S*H 14: “Song from M*A*S*H”

I know what you are probably thinking…”Song from M*A*S*H“?! That isn’t its name! And you’re right, it’s not. But the name of the theme song from M*A*S*H is not known by many people because it was often sold as “Theme from M*A*S*H” or “Song from M*A*S*H” since the full name is “Suicide is Painless.” IContinue reading “MishM*A*S*H 14: “Song from M*A*S*H””

M*A*S*H-ish 4: MASH (1970) Pressbook

When the movie MASH debuted in January 1970, it was an unlikely hit in the midst of the Vietnam War. Add that MASH was a comedy, and it seemed even more crass than a film about war at the time. While the movie was about the Korean War, the anti-war commentary was just as applicableContinue reading “M*A*S*H-ish 4: MASH (1970) Pressbook”